Antoinette Jackson

Katy with Daffodils -Spring (artist AntoinetteJackson)
Sculptor: Antoinette Jackson
Location: Devon
Brief Biography: Antoinette Jackson has been working as a figurative sculptor for more than a decade and has created a strong body of work . She mostly works in bronze and bronze resin, creating large and small sculptures for open spaces, intimate gardens and home interiors.
Formerly a lecturer in Art and Design for Plymouth Institute of Education Antoinette now offers Sculpture workshops at various venues in Devon and exhibits widely throughout the country. Antoinette has worked to commission for churches, schools and private individuals and is always happy to receive new commissions or tutoring enquiries.

About My Work:

Antoinette draws her inspiration from everyday life; often children at play. Her style is instantly recognisable with the lively quality of her work evoking feelings and memories of joy, wonder and love. In readiness for Spring 2020 Antoinette has sculpted
‘Katy with daffodils -Spring’ to complete her ‘Four Seasons’ sculpture series.

Sculpture Title: ‘Katy with Daffodils -Spring’
Edition: 1 of 9
Material: bronze resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): approx 70cm tall x 75cm x40cm
Weight (kg): approx 30+kg including plinth
Price: Selling Price £2,650
Sculpture Title: Chloe- Just texting
Edition: 1 of 5
Material: bronze resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 34cm x 24cm x 24cm
Weight (kg): 7.5kg
Price: Selling price £850
Sculpture Title: Annabel -Just thinking
Edition: 2 of 5
Material: bronze resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 31cm x 27cm x 33cm
Weight (kg): 9kg
Price: selling price £850
  • Annabel -Just thinking (artist AntoinetteJackson)
  • Chloe-Just texting  (artist AntoinetteJackson)