Beatrice Hoffman

Etruscan Couple 2
Sculptor: Beatrice Hoffman
Location: Oxford
Brief Biography: Beatrice Hoffman grew up in Germany and studied sculpture at the Norwich School of Art from 1986-9. She is based near Oxford and is working mostly in solid and coiled clay, creating sculptures both figurative and abstract to be cast in bronze ( resin), varying in height between 25 and 230 cm. She has just completed a large sculpture commission of two two intertwined figures for the main entrance of a UK hospital, to be unveiled when Corona allows it!
About My Work:

With my sculptures I aim to achieve a certain degree of simplicity and abstraction.Beauty to me is simplicity, clarity, concentration and must extend beyond decorative prettiness. Beauty is to be able to hold contradictions, tensions and ambivalence – it is a balance kept despite conflict.
I am fascinated by ”strong form”. With both figurative and abstract sculptures, I search for fluid lines, a sense of fullness contrasted with negative shapes; sharp angles between surfaces, juxtaposed with smoothness.”
With my figurative sculpture , I am very aware of the psychological and expressive potential of sculptures: I am influenced by C.G. Jungʼs ideas of archetypes and equally by childhood memories of Sunday visits to a catholic church filled with Baroque carvings . I reconnect with the tradition of sculptures seen in places of worship, and work towards a spiritually potent image used in a secular context.

Themes on the interface of mythology, psychology and spirituality – mental states, relationships, human identity, maternal love, and solitude are universal experiences that influence my artwork.

Sculpture Title: Etruscan Couple 2
Edition: 4/15
Material: Bronze Resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 50 X 68 X 28 cm (500X 680 x 280mm)
Weight (kg): 10KG
Price: 3200
Sculpture Title: Racer Woman
Edition: 3/15
Material: Bronze resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 83 x 40 x 70 cm ( 830 x 400 x 700mm)
Weight (kg): 13
Price: 3950
Sculpture Title: Abstract Wave 2
Edition: 1/15
Material: Bronze Resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 37 x 47 x 34cm ( 370 x 4789 x 340 mm)
Weight (kg): 10
Price: £5,450
  • Abstract Wave 2
  • Abstract Wave 2
  • Racer Woman
  • Etruscan Couple 2 in rose garden