Carol Orwin

Can't Cheat a Cheetah
Sculptor: Carol Orwin
Location: Guildford Surrey
Brief Biography: Trained at St Martin’s School of Art under Sir Anthony Caro and Phillip King on the Advanced Post Graduate Sculpture course. Then worked from a studio at the Barbican. Now has a studio at her home in Guildford Surrey, where she continues to make all her own moulds from the work she models. She also does all her own casting and patination.

Her research is meticulous, her observation acute and her modelling skills direct and vibrant. Her mastery of the casting process enables her to retain complete control over the finished sculptures including surface finish and patination.

Work in collections in France, Israel, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.
About My Work:

“I am passionately interested in the muscular form, movement, and power of the animals that I model. I aim to catch their vitality, nature and personality without compromising the anatomical integrity of the sculpture.”

Sculpture Title: Can’t Cheat a Cheetah
Edition: 28 of 30
Material: Bronze and Iron resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 112 x 94cm
Weight (kg): 45kg
Price: £2,527
Sculpture Title: Lone Wolf
Edition: 28 of 30
Material: Iron Resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 80 x 130cm
Weight (kg): 20kg
Price: £2,527
Sculpture Title: Mad March Hare
Edition: 3 of 30
Material: Bronze and Iron resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 60cm H x 87cm L
Weight (kg): 20kg
Price: £1,596
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