Jennie McCall

Bo & Lila stoneware wolves on oak stands.
Sculptor: Jennie McCall
Location: Drayton
Brief Biography: I was brought up in the Scottish borders where the main industry was textiles. This had a huge influence on my artistic leanings towards craft and design. I enjoyed spending much of my time as a child outdoors foraging and collecting skeleton leaves and flowers which would be pressed into books. I use these same flowers all these years later to make the ceramic decals which embellish some of my work.

My professional background goes back to the eighties when I graduated as a Graphic Designer and my strengths as a sculptor come from my love of drawing and illustrating. I spend a lot of time researching my subject matter before I embark on any new pieces of work. My drawings are often sold as originals or limited edition giclee prints.

For many years now I have been using porcelain and stoneware as my primary medium for sculpting. Occasionally, I will use a strong white stoneware combined with porcelain to give it extra strength. The pieces are frost proof so they can be displayed indoors or outdoors.
I enjoy pushing porcelain to the limits of its sculpting potential. After several firings there may be cracks and fissures which combined with oxides and crackle glazes create the classic look of marble and stone.

I’m based in the East Midlands where I work from my countryside studio immersed in the seasonal changes of the natural world around me.
About My Work:

Influenced by nature and mythology, Jennie’s figurative sculptures evoke an emotional and reflective response. Stoneware and porcelain clay are her primary medium, enhanced with slips, oxides and minimal or no glaze.

Sculpture Title: Lila
Material: Stoneware wolf on blackened oak stand [outdoor]
Price: £1,100
Sculpture Title: Bo
Material: Stoneware wolf on blackened oak stand [outdoor]
Price: £1,100
Sculpture Title: Willow
Material: Stoneware horse on blackened oak stand [outdoor]
Price: £1,100
Sculpture Title: Jack
Material: Black porcelain wolf with gold lustre on blackened oak stand [indoor]
Price: £980
Sculpture Title: Bridget
Material: Porcelain hare on blackened oak stand [indoor]
Price: £980
Sculpture Title: Mathilde
Material: Porcelain hare on oak stand [indoor]
Price: £980
Sculpture Title: Seahorses
Edition: Limited Edition 1/12
Material: Bronze with green patina – on oak stand [indoor]
Price: £1,500
  • Lila - stoneware wolf on oak stand
  • Jack - porcelain wolf on oak stand