Jeremy Moulsdale

The Wind Beneath My Wings
Sculptor: Jeremy Moulsdale
Location: East Sussex
Brief Biography: I am a self taught sculptor. I grew up exploring the wilds of North Wales and Shropshire and my love of nature and desire to be creative first led me to become a gardener and garden designer. I was always fascinated by shape and form and would find interesting pieces of wood to carve and shape. This developed into learning to sculpt in clay and cast in various materials. In 2010 I was inspired to create a large garden sculpture and my gardening and sculpting world merged.
I was invited to place my first garden sculpture as the centre piece of a Show Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Since then my work has been in much demand and can be seen in some of the great gardens of England.

I currently work from my studio near Lewes in East Sussex UK
About My Work:

My inspiration comes from the moments in life when my soul is touched and my spirit soars. Often simple moments, when I get lifted on the wings of a passing bird or see the moon in the clear night sky. My creative heart is stirred when I feel a sweet reverence for life.

I work with my intuition, it is a delight for me to take a lump of clay or some plaster in my hands. To mould, form, scrape and carve, until somehow a sculpture appears that speaks to me about the wonder of life. It is this sense of wonder and mystery that I try to create in my work. I sculpt figures that show a delight in life and have a lightness of spirit expressed in different ways, as they dance under the sky, talk with the birds or catch the falling stars.

Sculpture Title: The Wind Beneath My Wings
Edition: 7 of 15
Material: Bronze resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 2580 x 1020
Price: £3800
Sculpture Title: Yes II
Edition: 10 of 15
Material: Iron resin
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 2300 x 1300
Weight (kg): 20
Price: £2900
Sculpture Title: The Bird Whisperer
Edition: 1 of 8
Material: Bronze
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 1260 x 290
Weight (kg): 24
Price: £5,500
Sculpture Title: The Voyager
Edition: 1 of 8
Material: Bronze (also available in iron resin, edition 15 of 15)
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 610 x 530
Weight (kg): 6.5
Price: £3,800
Sculpture Title: The little chat
Edition: 1 of 20
Material: Bronze resin (also available in bronze)
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 700 x 500
Weight (kg): 7
Price: £1500
  • The little chat
  • The Bird Whisperer
  • The Voyager
  • Yes II