Julian Rena

Luxury Cheese Platter
Sculptor: Julian Rena
Location: London
Brief Biography: I have a studio in Wimbledon and I have worked with stone for over twenty five years. My work is now in collections in three continents.
Sculpture Title: Big Bang Icon
Material: Pink onyx, stone, marble & steel
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 670mm x 480mm x 390mm
Weight (kg): 48kg
Price: £4,300
Sculpture Title: Fabric
Material: Marble, slate and aluminium
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 540mm x 320mm x 180mm
Weight (kg): 4kg
Price: £2,200
Sculpture Title: Luxury Cheese Platter
Material: Various Stones
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 410mm x 220mm x 170mm
Weight (kg): 2.5kg
Price: £1,900
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