Teresa Wells

Sculptor: Teresa Wells
Location: Warwickshire
Brief Biography: Influenced by the ethnography’s of participant anthropologists, in particular Mary Douglas, Nigel Barley and Evelyn Hatcher, I obtained a first class honours degree in fine art from Nottingham Trent University, 1996, and undertook postgraduate studies at Loughborough University, where my tutors included John Atkin FRBS and Dan Archer FRBS.
A member of The Royal Society of Sculptors and member of The Free Painters and Sculptors, London, I have received numerous awards including an international prize for Narcissus and best work in show from Richard Deacon CBE at Creekside, London.

I work to commission and sell work through various gallery platforms in the UK, The Netherlands and USA. More recently I was commissioned by BBC1 and Netflix to produce a sculpture for the highly acclaimed fictional drama ‘Dracula’ by Stephen Moffat and Mike Gatiss. With numerous TV appearances and features in monthly periodicals including Flux Review, ITV Meridian, and BBC1, my work has recently been acquired by The Robert T Webb Sculpture Garden, Georgia USA and sits in their permanent collection alongside the work of Isamu Noguchi.
About My Work:

Inspired by a moral upbringing, I possess an ethical consciousness along with a fascination for the question, “How do Humans Behave?”

Through the medium of sculpture I explore the tenuous relationship between man and his society. Isolation, miscommunication, fragility and strength are most attractive.

There is a need for me to express this in ways that reach out for shared experience. Employing an illustrative and baroque style to the recreation of the human form, I offset emotional theatrical posturing against strong geometric steel shapes, to illustrate the fragility and strength of the human spirit.
My purpose is to show we survive despite of our flaws and it is our whole selves that make us beautiful.

Sculpture Title: Liberty
Edition: 4/12
Material: bronze on powder coated steel base
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 190cm x 108cm x 70cm
Weight (kg): 95
Price: £16,718
Sculpture Title: Narcissus
Edition: 8/12
Material: bronze on steel
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 186cm x 112cm x63cm
Weight (kg): 140
Price: £13,300
Sculpture Title: The Stolen Veil
Edition: 4/12
Material: bronze with Rodin Black patina on welsh slate
Size of Sculpture (Height x Width): 66cm x 40cm x 15.5 cm
Weight (kg): 16.5 kg
Price: £5,320
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